Providing OVER 30 years of EXCELLENCE

Canterbury Cougars is proud to be part of the local community for over 30 years!

In 1991, when Barbara Papillo and Jan Molloy whose son’s were playing for another club discovered Graham Hubbard (another dad) had been a basketball coach, their three boys (Sam Papillo, Tim Molloy and Michael Hubbard) organised some friends from Canterbury Primary and the first team was formed. Graham was coach, Barbara organised uniforms and Jan was Team Manager and administrator.

The team of nine consisting of Sam Papillo, Tim Molloy, Michael Hubbard, Sam Whitechurch, Nick Opie, Sam Trimble, Chris Bell, Matt McClurg and Paul Chapman.  They ended up second in their first season in the Under 11’s, unfortunately they lost their first final even after leading 18-0 but it was an auspicious start and the birth of a club.

From here the club began to grow with two teams in the next Summer and by winter 1994 the first girls team was entered. Word quickly passed and by Summer 1994, Canterbury Cougars Basketball Club had nine boys teams and three girls teams.

Fast forward to 2020 and the club now averages 65 teams a season and has players coming from a variety of schools across Boroondara and Melbourne’s South East, enjoying the game of basketball under the banner of the Canterbury Cougars.

We look forward to celebrating 30 years next year when we return to play!  We hope you will join us in our success.


"I remember in Sam's Grand Final,  the opposing side was 2 points up with 15 seconds to go, with the ball in the opposition's star point guard's hands. Inexplicably he bounced the ball on his foot and went out of court. We got the ball passed it round the 3 point line got it to Sam who was surrounded by defenders but managed to score with 1 second on the clock. More drama followed into extra time and double extra time until we finally won with a flourish - a 3 pointer from Sam Trimble. Biggest thrill of my sporting spectator life."

Michael Papillo
Proud dad